Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once






In case you’re unclear about the theme of Kylie Minogue’s new album, she spells it out in three song titles: “Sexy Love”, “Sexercize” and “Les Sex”. Hey, more power to the 45-year-old pop star for throwing down and showing the young ’uns how to titillate an audience. After all, this Aussie icon was burning up TV screens in the “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” video back when Miley Cyrus was carrying a lunch box.

So –– how is album number 12? As you can imagine, many bigwig songwriters were recruited and they (mostly) deliver some trendy, fun tunes. On the dubstep influenced “Sexercise”, Kylie commands her suitor to “beat all your best times” and warns that he’ll “be sore tomorrow”. With its wuub-wuub bass line and workout metaphors, think of it as a hornier update of Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical”. With “Les Sex”, Kylie gives us an ode to hookups (“we can call it fleeting”) over gurgling synths and punchy beats. The best Kylie music is like drinking a mojito: it’s light, fizzy and goes down easy.

Shockingly, the lamest track on the album is “I Was Gonna Cancel”, helmed by superstar producer Pharrell Williams. This is clearly not his A-list material, but rather a half-baked idea he threw together. The Stevie Wonder-esque Clavinet noodling feels random and out of place. The stark vocal production does our gal no favours either, drawing attention to the thin quality of her pipes. Then there’s the schmaltzy ballad “Beautiful” featuring Enrique Iglesias (what is this, 1999?), which is thankfully buried near the end of the record.

There are some skip-able moments here, but as always, Kylie comes through with a handful of club bangers to crank up.