St. Vincent

st vincent




From the silvery Bride of Frankenstein hairdo she’s currently sporting to her idiosyncratic songwriting, Annie Clark has never been one to shoot for mainstream acceptance. She’s always trusted her musical instincts and if people care to listen, that’s cool. While her fourth album includes many of the familiar St. Vincent touches –– the awesomely wigged-out guitar lines, for one –– it’s also her most accessible. The beats are stronger, the mood’s lighter and the songs aren’t as jam-packed with instrumentation as on previous records. Sure, the lyrics are cryptic as ever, but Annie makes you feel the emotion even when you don’t fully grasp the meaning. The new music exudes confidence and the visuals reflect that. On the album cover, St. Vincent poses atop a pink throne, ready to be our high priestess of rocking the fuck out.


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