Buy This Now: Warpaint

The cover of Warpaint's eponymous new album

The cover of Warpaint’s eponymous new album

If you’ve been following my blog recently, you’ll notice I’ve been writing a lot of middling reviews. It bugs me because I want to be more enthusiastic (or scathing) about new music, but the reality is this: a lot of what I’m hearing is blandly competent. When the album in question is neither a shit show nor a masterpiece, it’s a slog to pen a 150 word review where one word – “meh” – would be more than sufficient.

So whenever there’s a chance to alert you to a band that’s crazy good, I really relish it. One album that’s been playing nonstop around my house is the new self-titled record by Warpaint. The L.A. quartet excels at writing songs that are dreamy, spooky and evocative. It’s the perfect soundtrack for walking around the city on a chilly winter afternoon and letting the mind wander.

Useless, but interesting factoid: the trippy photo on the front cover of the album is the work of Chris Cunningham, best known for directing those stunningly weird and awesome Aphex Twin videos back in the day. The British filmmaker also happens to be married to Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg.

Favourite tracks: Keep It Healthy, Biggy, Disco/Very

Watch the band perform the song “Disco/Very” on the French TV show, Album de la Semaine:


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