Review – Local Natives

Local Natives




I’m sure it won’t be long before we hear a Local Natives song on the HBO series Girls. The L.A. indie-rock band writes lush, dreamy music that’s the perfect backdrop for 20-somethings lusting after each other and having profound realizations. Local Natives’ sophomore album (co-produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner) is full of beautiful, sweeping arrangements (“Breakers”, “Heavy Feet”, “Wooly Mammoth”) but the band’s sound is too predictably 2013 for me to get ecstatic about. When you hear the flawless harmonies and guitars twinkling like lights in the distance, you think, ah yes, Grizzly Bear. The nervy drumming is very Vampire Weekend. The tremulous lead vocals scream “I listened to Jeff Buckley’s Grace a gazillion times in high school but probably won’t cop to it now.” Local Natives are talented guys who are technically doing everything right. I just wish it didn’t feel so familiar.


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