Hey Rosetta! : A Christmas Album That Won’t Drive You Insane

Hey Rosetta press photoHEY ROSETTA!




Every holiday season, you can count on a couple of things. One: you’ll be inundated with T.V. commercials featuring blond moms with perfectly curl-ironed hair setting down juicy turkeys in front of their cherubic children, or husbands handing their wives the keys to a brand new Audi parked out in the driveway, a red bow wrapped around it. And two: in the music world, you can guarantee Rod Stewart will be pushing his latest Christmas schlock. Thankfully, we’ve got an antidote to all this relentless cheer courtesy of Hey Rosetta!’s new four-song EP of holiday music. Opening track “Carry Me Home” features a narrator who’s moved to the city with big dreams, but is now barely scraping by. (“This hotel is cheap/and the pillows stink/and there’s not a single thing/to say it’s Christmas Eve.”) The angst-y lyrics are tempered by a rollicking beat and luscious “ooohs” sending everything skyward. If you’re a traditionalist, check out “O Come O Come Emmanuel” and hear how these Newfoundland indie rockers have updated the classic hymn. It begins with Tim Baker’s haunting vocals and sparse strumming only to switch to a snarling, Neil Young-esque guitar breakdown. This EP’s definitely going on my Christmas playlist.


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