Review – Yukon Blonde

Yukon Blonde

Tiger Talk

Dine Alone Records

“There’s nothing on the radio,” sing the boys of Yukon Blonde on the group’s second full-length album. You could take it as a mission statement in the sense that the Kelowna-bred, Vancouver-based band seems intent on reviving the kind of punchy pop-rock made famous by acts like The Cars – music that leapt out of even the crappiest car stereo. The aforementioned “Radio”, with its insistent, economical riff and glossy vocals, has a slight “Just What I Needed” vibe, minus the ’80s keyboards. Bouncy opener “My Girl” with its “whoa ohhh ohhh” chorus and the hook-tastic “Stairway” are both tailor made for an iPad commercial (just wait!). Clocking in at a concise 37 minutes, the album’s filled with snappy songs that deliver a nice jolt of energy. But musically, there’s nothing shaking you by the shoulders with its ingenuity, no “how’d they do that?” moment. That’s fine though. Yukon Blonde’s goals are modest; for now, they’re content to bang out fun little earworms that recall the glory days of rock radio, without being too retro.


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