Greetings from Wellington, New Zealand

Photo by Naya Blues Photography

At the risk of sounding like the president of the St. Vincent fan club, I wanted to share a dispatch from one of her recent shows in Wellington, New Zealand courtesy of my boyfriend, henceforth known as Mr. The Bonus Track. Of her gig at the San Francisco Bath House on March 19th, he reports:

It was pretty rad.  The stuff off her new album sounds really good live — you should definitely go see her if she comes back to Van. At one point she jumped into the crowd and tried to start a mosh, but I think the Wellingtonians were too polite to bump into her, or maybe afraid of knocking her over. It was awkward/awesome.  I also forgot what a polite, respectful audience is like — you could hear a pin drop between her songs, and the place was packed to the rafters. Well done, Wellington.

If you’ve seen an amazing live show recently, drop me a line and let me know about it. I’m planning to check out at least three Vancouver gigs this spring, so I’ll be sure to post some reviews in the coming weeks.


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