Washed Out




4 out of 5

Eating root beer popsicles on a balmy afternoon. Dipping your toes in the pool at dusk. These are some of the visuals that leap to mind while listening to the debut full-length album by Washed Out (a.k.a. Atlanta-based musician Ernest Greene.) Maybe it’s the airy, vaguely ’80s sounding synths or languid vocals on the opening track, “Eyes Be Closed”, but something about the music is just so evocative of summertime and being young. At the same time, it never feels kitschy – the crystalline production and skittering electronic beats keep it grounded in the here and now.

This dreamy, romantic mood extends throughout the album and you really get the sense of being in the hands of an assured songwriter – someone who knows exactly what he’s aiming for. Though Greene takes us on a few detours along the way (the hushed melancholy of “Far Away” and “You and I”), it all fits together cohesively in the end.



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