“Conversation 16” by The National

Cover art for High Violet

The year is drawing to a close…. so you know what the means. Time for music critics around the world to start making lists, glorious lists. As for myself and my fellow scribes over at prairie dog magazine, we’re counting down the 31 Days of December with some of our favourite songs of the year. I posted my first pick today.. and it’s “Conversation 16” by The National. Check out my blurb here.

I’ll post links to my other entries as they appear in the coming weeks. But I also want to ask you guys… What songs/albums did you absolutely go bonkers for in 2010? What disappointed the crap out you? (As for my cantankerous readers – don’t worry your pretty little heads –  I’ll be sure to compile a “Top 10 Albums that Sucked” list as well. Stay tuned.)


3 thoughts on ““Conversation 16” by The National

  1. Well, since you asked… I don’t listen to a huge quantity of music, so I tend to just get locked into stuff I already know I like. So for me, the best albums ended up all being new releases from established acts: Four Tet and Caribou both put out awesome indie electronica albums. The Arcade Fire, The National, The Walkmen and Wolf Parade all put out more of what I like. The new Holy Fuck is half a great album, and half less great.

    My big discoveries were Frightened Rabbit and Wintersleep, which aren’t new, but are new to me.

    Finally, the huge Ninja Tune XX is far and away the best compilation I’ve heard in ages. I have it shuffled into my playlist and all now kinds of random gems from 20 years worth of dub and IDM just keep popping up. In 2010 I also spent some time diving into the Aphex Twin/AFX/etc. back catalog of semi-obscure EPs thinking “how good could it really be?” Pretty goddam good, it turns out.

    (I’ll post my disappointments on your albums that sucked post, but I think you already know the big one for me.)

  2. Electronic music is definitely not an area of expertise for me… but I *did* check out the Four Tet, Caribou and Ninja Tune compilation this year… and I agree – those albums are the bomb.

    I can also relate to what you’re saying with the Holy Fuck album only being half good. I’d say the same of Warpaint’s debut. The first four or five songs are incredible. But towards the end, a couple of tracks are downright awful. Badly played. Badly written. A producer should have had the good sense to suggest they give those ones the axe. But otherwise, it’s a really strong record. The guitar tones are to-die for… and I like the ethereal vocals. I’m curious to see what they do next.

    Yes, be sure to give me your picks for worst album, once I wrote my post. Are you gonna do a Best Films of 2010 roundup over at Haiku Factory?

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