On My Playlist This Week…..

The women of Warpaint

Warpaint, “Undertow” (from the LP, The Fool)

A beautiful, dreamy track from the L.A. quartet’s first full-length. Wispy vocals give the song a refreshing lightness. Paired with ringing guitars and a chorus-heavy bass line (which wouldn’t be out-of-place on an old Cure record), the music sucks us in long before the ladies proclaim it in the chorus.

Further Listening:Set Your Arms Down”, “Warpaint”

Robyn, “Hang With Me” (from Body Talk, Pt. 2)

The musical equivalent to those Pop Rocks candies we used to eat as kids: fizzy, sweet and satisfying in small doses.

Further Listening: “In My Eyes”, “Indestructible”

Kylesa: Lookin' pretty badass as usual

Kylesa, “Don’t Look Back” (from the LP, Spiral Shadow)

A crunchy anthem from one of the bright lights of the Savannah metal scene.

Further Listening: “Tired Climb”, “Distance Closing In”

Zola Jesus, “Sea Talk” (from the EP, Valusia)

Nika Roza Danilova (a.k.a. Zola Jesus) has one of those big voices that will interrupt whatever you’re doing and make you google random lyrics until you figure out who this person is.

All of the songs on her latest EP are loaded with gloomy, Gothic atmosphere – aided by spooky synths and minimal beats. I have an overactive imagination, mind you, but I can picture this music playing in some scary-ass cathedral in the middle of nowhere.

With a sound this dramatic, I have no doubt that we’ll be hearing Ms. Jesus in TV shows and commercials in about 5 seconds. Mark my words!

Further Listening: “Poor Animal”, “Tower”


One thought on “On My Playlist This Week…..

  1. Ok, I meant to comment on this post months ago! I am still spinning Kylesa’s newest record constantly. “To Forget” is still my favourite track from that album. Laura Pleasants is my hero.

    P.S – Sometimes I dance like a dick to Robyn’s music when nobody is around.

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