Review – Editors




It’s obvious what British band Editors were aiming for on their third release: a moody, electro pop record along the lines of Depeche Mode’s Violator (hence, the inclusion of producer Flood.) But the results are lackluster.

Abandoning the tight arrangements and spiky guitars of their earlier work in favor of turgid, plodding material only draws attention to the group’s shortcomings namely Tom Smith’s limited, Ian Curtis-esque vocals and the laughably bad lyrics. (e.g. “Girl, I think it’s time we leave/like a thief on Christmas Eve.”) Dourness pervades the album; aside from a couple of tracks, it sounds absolutely lifeless. The truth is, we’ve heard this type of synth rock before and other bands have done it so much more effectively.

Editors are capable of better things think back to excellent singles such as “Munich” and “Blood. We can only hope for a return to form on future discs, now that this experiment is out of their system.


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